There has been a positive response for the concept of a vlog, which has led me to start drafting ideas for it. I think it's mainly going to be a 3-10 minutes long videos where I just talk about random Dota related stuff, but it could also include something more productive or practical, such as editing tutorials or maybe gameplay with commentary (obviously this would make the videos longer then 10 minutes).

So todays question, what would you like to see in a vlog if such a thing would be created? Tutorials, gameplay, commentary, casting, editing?

Anything goes really! Leave a comment here or at my Facebook page, or send me a message on Youtube!


The new project is starting to take shape! I have found some awesome music to use and have begun adding some of the newly submitted scenes. I expect to finish the project sometime next week, or at least within 10 days! If the ammount of submitted scenes allows me to ofcourse. So stay tuned!

Watch the replay request video if you havent!

And you submit replays here: blurpi.net/submitreplay!


Productive day so far! Been watching and rating alot of submitted scenes today, and a few gems has been turning up acutally! But more is needed if I am to make a whole 10 minutes (or more) video! ^^ So show your friends the replay request video, and have them submit some awesome scenes for the project! Remember that you submit scenes right here on the website!

I also watched this crazy game of Na'Vi vs EHOME from last years ESWC that I totally recommend that you check out (SPOILER: ***Dendi goes crazy with pudge***)!

Tomorrow I'll start putting together the scenes that I have so far and go hardcore-editing-mode!

I'm also thinking of starting a vlog where I just talk about Dota in general, my projects and just show you some editing tricks perhaps! Any thoughts on that idea? Feel free to leave a comment!


So I decided that the new project needs a name, and no, it's not going to be "i, Dota 4" this time around! Maybe next time! No, the name of the current project is simply going to be "i, Dota: Blurpi". This will be the first video in a weekly-to-monthly series. I will release one to four videos in this series every month. "How will this differ from all the other weekly series like the one from DotaCinema for example?" you might ask! First of all, I will not have the same music in every video, and I will not have the same intro every time! No, every video will be unique and have my personal touch and a new approach for each one! They will not differ from my previous projects in any aspect, other then being released more frequently!

Remember to keep submitting scenes, click the Submit replay button at the top and show me your best!

Also, if you haven't watched it yet, check out the replay request video I put together in the video section!


Blurpi! Wait, who?

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