About Blurpi

My name is Andreas Andersson and I'm a 23 years old guy, who lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have a big affection for DotA, everything around DotA and video editing! These affections have lead me to where I am today, a (somewhat) well known DotA video editor!

My main interests includes DotA 1/2, video editing, animating and writing. When I'm not sitting by my computer, I do stuff like rollerblading, dancing and play board games. I particularly enjoy going rollerblading, preferrably with some kickass trance track soaring through my headset. But that's all the personal stuff you need to know I guess, onwards to the wall of texts that is my editing motivation and history!

Editing and me, the 'short' story.

I started editing videos back in 2004, back when I got my very own computer. Before that, my family had a computer that we all shared, so there was no way that I would be able to even discover editing programs before that (and the computer sucked anyhow and we had dial-up connection). But shortly after I got my very own computer and started attending LAN-parties with my friends, one of them shared with me, this amazing software: Sony Vegas 6! It was love at first sight and I have never looked back.

In the beginning, I edited Counter strike videos, just compilations of scenes from our LAN-parties. In 2005, I started playing World of Warcraft and it marked the second milestone as I began frapsing and creating videos of my shadow priest. This kept going for a few years until 2008 when I discovered DotA. I released my first DotA video ever a few months after I started playing, it wasn't filled with any cool scenes at all, just random clips thrown in with some music. Later in 2008 however, came my breakthrough in the editing scene with "i, DotA".  But it wasn't really until "i, DotA 3" that I noticed how much people actually enjoyed my videos. "i, DotA 3" managed to achieve 60.000 views in the first three days, and recently climbed past the 1 million mark!

There are ofcourse a bunch more of DotA videos released by myself before and after that, such as MyM Prime Defending 11, hexOr the movie, Blurpi's tale among others. In 2012, I decided to make the jump from DotA to Dota 2, and has since only made DotA 2 videos. I could have written about ten pages on this subject, but this will suffice as a summary of my editing history for now!

Why do I edit?

Simple, because it is a way for my creative side to express itself!

I've never been very creative when it comes to the actual creation part, I have however found out that I'm somewhat decent on mixing, mashing, editing, cutting and so on. And I love it! I love the feeling of getting that timing just right so that the hook lands on the beat during the drop in a song, I love lining up the exciting parts of a song with the exciting parts of a scene!

Also, I love that my work is appreciated, I probably wouldn't have kept going if I hadn't aquired such a lovely fanbase! Every positive comment, every cheerful message, every little like on each of my videos gives me joy. It makes me happy to see that others can enjoy what I have made.

Random fun facts

- I went to a four weeks long bartending course in Phuket, Thailand, back in 2010.

- Before DotA, I edited videos for Counter strike and World of Warcraft.

- I am the oldest of 5 siblings.

- "i, DotA 2" was the first video to recieve 1 million views.

- "i, DotA 3" is my most successful video in terms of reviews and reception.

- I'm a graduate of the Motion Graphics Designer program at Hyper Island, Stockholm.

- I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden.

- Tinker is my favourite hero.