Sooo, hello dear readers.. if anyone is still here, haha.

I've decided to start blogging here on Blurpi.net, with just random information about my day-to-day life. I'm also working on getting my stream going again now that I have decent internet. So, I'm currently mostly playing Hearthstone at the moment, some Minecraft and a tiny bit of CS:GO in between as well. Expect to see any of these games whenever I stream.

Also, I am actually currently working at Mojang as "Forgotten password and email restorer" (read: customer support). It's a somewhat fun job and the people I work with are just amazing!

I still love Dota 2, and I read the Dota 2 subreddit pretty much everyday, but I'm just not in a playing phase for it right now, might pick it up again later on (most likely will).

Also, "i, Dota 5" will be released around the same time as Half-Life 3.



So here's the latest video from me, a short but intense replay request for my next upcoming project!

Remember to visit the submissions page and submit some epic scenes!


Might actually release something soon!


An update is long overdue.

In recent time I've been re-evaluating my priorities and which direction I really want to take the whole Blurpi concept, and I've been drawing some conclusions, with the primary one being:

I can never stay in one game for very long, I've always been jumping between games (mainly DotA and WoW).

So with that in mind, I am very likely to push myself into a more multigaming-oriented style of profile. I've always wanted to try out streaming for one thing, but my internet won't allow it for the moment. Basicly what I want to do is go from being known as "the DotA video editor" to "the video editor", kind of. I'm not leaving DotA, absolutely not, I'm just making room for other games and aspects to flourish.


Blurpi! Wait, who?

I'm Andreas Andersson,
video editor, rollerskater and music lover. I'm also a bartender. Want to know more about me?
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